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Full Metal Baby

This post was originally published two years ago. I am currently starting a new blog and introducing some of my older work into it. I am a mother of two sometimes wonderful little girls. I am the mother of two sometimes little jerks. I feel like I can not go on with out adding the […]

Snow day

A little over a month ago, it snowed. It snowed enough for me to stay home from work. I work well before any reasonable waking time so I usually plan ahead and as I called in to work that night, I got several emails and messages from my daughters’ schools, the mayor and their teachers […]

Always Too Young

I look down at the post and read what my 15 year old sent. “I knew that boy who died.” I was unaware of the fact that a teenage boy died a few miles from here and of the circumstances surrounding it. All I knew was at my age, I am still shocked to find […]