Ice Castles- No Less than Magical

Last winter I discovered a magical place of snow and ice as I browsed my multiple hiking community sites on Facebook. Not actually a hike, but these members were left so awestruck after their experience at Ice Castles they just had to share it with like minded people and I was intrigued. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions were still at their peak and I was unable to travel to New Hampshire, the most local experience. Starting out in a front yard in Alpine, Utah this phenomenon has grown to several locations, and lucky for me, Lake George NY became one for the 2022 season.

I checked the website continuously to assure I got tickets for the day and time I wanted as they tend to sell out well before the season ends. I booked late afternoon with the hopes of seeing the Ice Castle both in day light and then all lit up. I think if I had to choose, I would have chose day light, because you can see all the work and details that went into this piece of art but the night experience was more fun with an LED light show in every direction. They even had the “Big Slide” set up with changing LED lights set through a tunnel. It was like a tiny rave experience for your little adventure seeker, and bigger kids, such as myself.

Here are some pictures during the day. Don’t be deceived. It was extremely crowded. Expect to wait in line, whether to get in, go down a slide, or see certain exhibits. But I think the lines are a testimony of how cool of an experience it is.

And here are some pictures to illustrate the contrast between the day and night experience.

Remember, if you go, dress warm, and if you like to enjoy the whole experience, perhaps don some snow pants so you don’t have a soggy behind. The Big Slide does offer little sleds, but there was a smaller slide, and an ice bench. I highly recommend the big slide.

And the little Slide.

If you do happen to travel to Lake George in the winter, make sure you enjoy the beauty of the Lake in the winter. From watching people walk straight across it and pitch tents, looking for animal tracks in the snow, taking in the local sights and slipping and sliding on the frozen solid water at the beach, it is worth the trip in the winter. If you time it right, you could attend their Winter Carnival, see the fort at the Historic Fort William Henry Hotel, which has an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna or visit one of many ice bars like the one at the Holiday Inn.

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